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Peel Is Marathon update.


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The number of Catamarans sailing at the Cleveland Yacht Club has grown over the past year or two. Currently we have between 10 & 15 Cats regularly sailing with the Majority being Nacras (6 x 5.8's, 4 x 16sq, 2 x 5.0). There are several sailors looking to upgrade to 5.8's and F18's. We would love to see as many Nacras as possible at the Peel Is Marathon. Our total prize pool is approximately $3000. This year we are trying to fit as many boats into the club grounds as possible so you have an easier access to the waterways. We believe up to 50 boats could be accommodated. We are encouraging our Nacra sailors to attend more events and it appears up to six Nacras will attend this years Nationals. Hope you can sail in this years Peel Is and all details are on the Cleveland Yacht Club Website.

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