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Was just having a look through some of the results from the nationals and state champs.

Could some one fill me in on what all the different letters that are found after your result for each race means. e.g 20F or 19C

That sort of thing.



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DNC Did not start; did not come to the starting area

DNS Did not start (other than DNC and OCS)

OCS Did not start; on the course side of the starting line at her starting signal and failed to start, or broke rule 30.1

ZFP 20% penalty under rule 30.2

BFD Disqualification under rule 30.3

SCP Took a scoring penalty under rule 44.3

DNF Did not finish

RAF Retired after finishing

DSQ Disqualification

DNE Disqualification (other than DGM) not excludable under rule 89.3(b)

DGM Disqualification under rule 69.1(b)(2); not excludable

RDG Redress given

You can find this info in Appendix A of the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing (see www.sailing.org).



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