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Prices for 2nd hand A Class


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Does anyone know what anverage price for a Mk3 or MK4 a class would be. I am thinking that it would include trailer etc, and probably only an alu mast for the MK3. I have seen a Mk3 for $8500 with carbon mast and a Mk4 for $9,000. I was thinking that a Mk3 should be around $3-4000 with trailer, am I on the right track ?

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I'll assume you're looking for a Boyer/Goodall/AHPC Mk3 0r 4. There are many other designs and boats built by other manufacturers or home built out there. However the Boyer boats are the most common and easiest to get a price on. They are of consistent good quality and usually command the best price in the market.

I can give you a good idea on prices from sales I'm aware of recently of boats in good racing condition ith acessories such as trailer and beach rollers - and often a spare sail.

Aluminium masts are getting a bit hard to find these days because serious racers havene't used them for 8 or 9 years. Carbon is the way to go unless you are only looking for an old basic boat for mucking around or the occasional race.

A Mk3 was recently sold with beach rollers, two sails and no trailer for 5k. It was in good racing condition for it's age.

Several Mk4's have also been sold recently with trailers and other gear for around 10k.

Obviuosly really good boats get more than this and average ones get less. The market is pretty tight at the moment as lots of people are getting in tom A's at the entry level you are talking about. If you can find quality boats at the prices you are talking about - buy immediately as they are on the low side. Also if you can afford it go for a carbon mast as there is a world of difference in performance and general manageability.


John Dowling

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