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Nacra 5.8 for sale


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Check out Speers Point boats for sale. http://www.sailingspeerspoint.org.au/Boats%20For%20Sale.html

1555 is most defenitely a special boat, has all the good gear and with the right skipper will most certainly take on new boats as equals.

I know, because I have given them a hurry along as well as beat them occasionally and I sail very conservatively( age thing you know). Sadly having to get rid of this irreplaceable boat, my crook shoulder is finally catching up with me.

What can I say? The 5.8 class is without a doubt one of the most exhilerating powered up cats o n the water.

This boat is a bargain and very hard to replace at $8,800 ( not negotiable)

All details on the web page

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