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Alpha F14 catamarans for sale

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ALL carbon fibre hulls, mast, beams, boom, spinnaker pole, tiller extension, etc, etc, F14 catamarans all up sailing weight 75kgs, standard with spinnaker, available now.

Race results show that these are the highest performing 14' cats in the world today, not by any "minor" amount, but so far out in front that you need "binoculars" to even see them ahead from on board any other 14' cat (and most 16' cats as well).

Better than 93% of the performance of an F18 at a considerable lesser price. Built to last and be fully competitive for many, many years.

Full price ready to sail/race ex workshop (minus only trailer)


Or buy a set of hulls and /or other components separately and build up your own F14!

Phone Darryl on 08 8326 0877 for any further information or just to talk.

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