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Viper F16 - Alter cup boat for 2009

For the second time in three years an F16 design has been chosen as Alter Cup boat. The Hobie Alter Cup or U.S. Multihull Championship is intended to determine a U.S. National Multihull Champion and is sailed annually on various types of multihulls at various venues. Each year the event invites 20 teams, who have won their area or class championship to compete on identical equipment provided by a single manufacturer.

After the Blade F16, Alter cup boat in 2007, the Viper F16 is the Alter cup boat of this year. AHPC has the rare opportunity to supply their catamarans two years in a row. After a great feedback from last year with the Capricorn F18, this year the Viper F16 promises fast, competitive racing.

The five day regatta will be held in Clearwater Beach, Florida, October 17-21 and hosted by the Clearwater Sailing Center. Already there is great excitement from the sailors to be competing on such a fast, exciting and versatile F16 design as the Viper.

This is a great opportunity for the Viper and the F16 class in general to gain

exposure to a high caliber of sailors, and to the world of multihull sailing. At AHPC they are proud and excited to have this opportunity to promote such a strong and growing class of catamaran and encourage everyone to keep an eye on the regatta.

The demand for the new Viper design has been a hit in the US and all the Alter Cup boats are expected to be sold before the event even starts. The boat offers, as other F16 designs, a unique opportunity to be sailed single handed or double. Owners have been very excited about the boat and the versatility that it offers. They are amazed that this level of performance

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