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One up raising kite

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Well I am soon to get my new F16 Viper and I have been looking out about info of how you can raise the kite and lower while not losing too much speed when you go around the top mark, my impression is that you let the main out bear off to keep your speed then raise the kite and before pulling the kite on make sure the main is pulled in, then go for the ride.And the same for the lowering, am I close

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Hey mate, that sounds about right.

If you want the good info you need to talk to Don Dull, he knows the one up viper pretty well now. Or Antony Barret, the master one up sailor.

When do you get your boat? Where are you from?

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I get the Viper in two weeks, been 4 months withour sailing so looking forward to getting out there so how do I get onto Don Dull, I am sure I will have plenty of questions.

Also there are a few people interested in seeing the Viper up North so hopefully it may inspire same more to get into F16 will see.

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Will send email soon and yes Dunk island is the Mission beach regatta up near me and its a great one, there is manly nacra F18 and same others with 16sq but always a few cats sailing, sametimes on Friday we get up early and sail to dunk for a drink on the beach then race Saturday morning and around Dunk in afternoon, then Sunday racing early, and it is run fairly well. We do get even same from NSW and Brisbane, anyway will send email and keep in contact.

My boat is here in 2 days also the transport company tried to put me off for another week but told them I have arranged holidays and changed all meetings for work etc so they will try, lets hope.

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