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Foam Sandwich vs Fibreglass

Guest dwl@ozemail.com.au

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Guest dwl@ozemail.com.au

With the Nacra 5.8 I've just bought (and yet to sail), I received a mixture of blue fibreglass battons and foam sandwich.

A full set of fibreglass (11)

A full set of foam sandwich (11 - except about 3 were broken)

And a couple of odds and ends.

Now the Question - which is better, glass or foam? and what sort of ends should I have on them?

Again relating back to my 5.0 I had the blue fibreglass and put the quick release V cleat style ends with end protectors on the other end.

Doug Lucock



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We have found that the 5.8 goes best in light to moderate winds with the foam battens

The sail shape is much better and more uniform. We use Blue battens for the bottom 3 pockets so that the sail hooks better when going downwind.

In Strong winds the Fibreglass are at least as good and they tend not to break if the sail flogs or if you fall into the sail if you put it in the piss.

We had a brand new set of foam at the Nationals and broke 4 of them when I landed on the sail for the first time after capsizing while in 2nd place !!!.

I know of many 5.8 sailors that would love to get the foam battens off you if you want to sell them.

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