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Sailing a Hobie 16 Solo

Big Dog

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Hi There Doggy,

NO worries in the world. I often sail the 16 by myself midweek when everyone else doing constructive stuff!. THe trick with solo mast raising is to have the side stays, trap wires, and mast keeper pin connected with the mast lying aft over the back beam. Now, untie one of the jib sheets from where it terminates at the cleat, run the jib sheet under the bridle and tie it to the forestay above the thimble. when you lift the mast have the jib sheet in your had/pocket etc and when the mast is up you can tighten the jib sheet and cleat it off this will hold the mast up so you leisuely shackle the forestay to its bridle then rig as usual.

As for sailing its heaps of fun solo, the boat will sail well with main alone though in lighter wind the jib really makes a big difference.

Have fun


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