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So far so good...but

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I am really impressed with the way the BBS works on the F16HP at:


They are using UBB Threads 5.5.1 If these fora worked that way I would be happy.

They have html disabled. I actually like the ability we currently have to use html on this site and would like to see that retained.

All in all I think the recent changes you have made to the BBS have been excellent and have made the BBS much better to use.

As for the main web site: If you intend it to be for all catsailors rather than just Nacra sailors you'll need to continue to have articles on all classes and manufacturers to avoid criticism about bias. So far this aspect has been reasonable. Its good to have an online shop for sailing gear. Perhaps the range of manufacturers could be increased. Being able to sell the Ronstan Range would be a bonus.

Thanks for the effort and I hope this endeavour continues to gain momentum.

Rob Wilson

Taipan 4.9 AUS 175

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thanks for you comments - I agree about the articles and I am working on that. The front page now has a feature sent by Colby (A Hobie Sailor)

And we are going to have an extensive report from Darren Bundock next week about his campaign.

I really want local Australian content and ask anyone out there to send it to me.

The reason for Nacra bias is that I sail nacra and therefore ahev more content - I am relying on people out there to send in info -anything will do

CAN YOU HAVE A LOOK AT www.ikonboard.com for the next BBS - please give me your thoughts

The price of UBB Threads is close to $600.00

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