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I was unable to reply to the topic I wanted to due to not having permission so the reply is here.


The forum seems to be working very well now. I don't think you need change to something different. It would be interesting to be able to see the number of veiws that have occured on each topic but it's not very important.

Any common Ronstan items: clothing, blocks, cleats etc.

The clothing side may conflict with Magic Marine but the rest is probably OK.

I'm looking for a new mainsheet system so being able to browse on-line, see prices and order would be handy. I have also just replaced the O-rings on my hatch covers. I couldn't get exactly the right size here so being able to order those on line would have been good. I'm not sure they would be a Ronstan item though. Living in Mission Beach this is much easier for me than driving a couple of hours to Cairns

I'm enjoying the articles on your site. Top stuff!


PS sorry I was so long to reply. I've got my new boat, had visitors and the world cup is on.

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