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$5.00 donation


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Hi Catsailor.net

I notice on your About Us page you state that you are donating $5.00 from every online sale to promating youth catsailing. I think this is a brilliant plan and hope some of the other manufactures come to the party.

Out of interest, who are you donating this money to? and are there mechanisms to ensure it is spent correctly?

Has much money been raised?


Antony Edwards

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We have a fund to allocate to up and coming youth cat sailors. The $5.00 per sale is not a great deal but we are hoping that it will at least help someone in the future.

We have used the money in the past for prizes and donations to both sailors and clubs.

As for reporting who and how much - we will announce sponsorships in the near future.

We do not report our sales or how much is in the fund.

Our focus is primarily regional sailing clubs and sailors.

If you have any suggestions please feel free to drop us a line



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