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Mixed racing - F18 vs Others

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"Originally submitted by Downing"

From my observations from mixed racing with 5.8 and tigers is that there is bugger all difference in upwind speed, the 5.8 is quicker in light conditions especially with a bit of chop and the Tiger is quicker when the wind is high because they can control there jib slot opening, but in general sailing there is nothing in it.

The 5.8 is heaps faster 2 sail reaching up to 20knts

Down wind the gains the Tiger makes are huge and can't be made up for anywhere on the course. I can't really comment on the 5.8 with a kite as last time I raced the Concord/Ryde marathon I was the only std 5.8 (the rest had kites) and was only just beaten home by one with a kite and two Tigers on a Upwind/Down wind course.

The yardsticks used for that race where: std 5.8 - 72, 5.8 kite - 69, Tiger - 69. Brad Sumner was by far the fastest Tiger and was beaten only by Steve Brewin.

So I think the F18 class is a faster boat around the course (and a very exciting boat down wind) than the std 5.8, but a 5.8 with a kite at least on paper should be very marginally faster than the F18, but at the end of the day it all comes down to the people sailing the boat.

The most important thing is that people just get out and sail

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Your right with everyone should get out & sail. The more time on the water the better you become. Thats how the good guy's get better. If your off the pace a little, just ask someone who is going faster than yourself what they do. They should help you its only going to get everyone faster. Thats one of the reasons we going sailing for the buzz


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