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F18 Association

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The sooner the better. What about Currumbin this june long weekend. There will be a good gathering of tigers for the Qld state titles, and the Nacra F18s are invited to join in if they are ready. Lets get the ball rolling asap in order to run a series next season (2002/2003)

As far as rules go, I believe that we should stick 100% with the European rules. This will mean that both the Tigers and Nacra F18s should fit straight away.


Tiger 977

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I have been following this forum for the past week or so and am all for F18 racing. To this end a formal organisation for F18s is a must to regulate it.

Having been to a couple of European F18 regattas, I can say that it is the way to go for more/bigger competitive catamaran fleets. Let's get cracking and form an F18 Association. Forster (assuming it is the October long weekend) sounds good for a meeting, but some ground work can be done prior to this meeting.

For those who know me in the Hobie arena I am not adverse to travelling to regattas but please don't forget states other than NSW and Qld, SA is already sailing F18s in mixed regattas.

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Can we start with detailing some of the point to be discussed at the Lake so that we can come to the meeting with positive ideas.

I Personally would like to see some work put into making sure that the F18 standards apply to all "class" run events such as Hobie Nationals and Nacra Nationals.

It would not be good to see that people having to use one set of sails for a "class" nationals and another for F18 events.

How do Hobie currently view the Tiger Nationals vs F18 Nationals - any differences in boat specs between the events ?.

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Originally posted by mal gray:

I suggest that all F18 owners be invited to attend one of the main regattas this year to form an executive and measurement committee. I suggest Lake Cootharaba or Forster. Any comments?

Dear AUS F18 friends,

I am really happy to hear you are willing to create a F18 Class Association in Australia ! This will allow the Class to be granted full International status by ISAF.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any help.

At the moment, we are trying to implement an In House Certification process in order to both facilitate the measurement issue for the owner and to certify fair racing.

I wish you all the best for your regattas.

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Olivier, Thanks for your words of support.

Andrew, the Aust tiger nationals is held to international Tiger class rules. The only real difference is the minimum crew weight for Tiger is 140 kg with the big sail plan.

We assume that all Tigers weigh the same for our own class racing. They will have to be officially measured before they can compete as F18, but there should be no problems. If anything, the Tiger class rules slow down evolution of the Tiger class to preserve one design racing. The boat is F18 compliant as it leaves the factory.

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Dear Mal and Andrew,

I wish to confirm the fact that the Tigers are supposed to be F18 legal when leaving the factory, and it is the reason why I do think we should achieve the In House certification process very soon.

The only possible concern is linked to the small rig for the lighter crews.

May be we should have to deal with this issue, but remember that, on the ground, this have been implemented to allow fair competition between the widest crew weight rang as possible.

The secong point I would like to underline is the fact that Formula 18 has been granted Recognised Class by ISAF, which I am very proud. But that means we are not free to change the rules every day !

So please ballot the Australian sailors in order to know wether or not they would prefer to use one single jib for everybody, and if yes, please put it on the table for the next World Coucil meeting in Travemunde, without forgetting class rules changes are subject to a majority vote from all the National Class Associations.

My concern is to always protect the interest of the average club sailors (the ones who pay at the very end !)

Last point about snuffers : they are not prohibited as itself, but related to the fact that carbon use is strictly limited to precise items. The spirit of the rules is allow new technology, subject the cost is reasonable compared to the advantage gained. It sounds to me sensitive.

Very last point : I am going to introduce a link of the International website to your forum, with Pete Skewes as contact person. Let me know if I am wrong.

As Mal says : Keep one hull flying !

Kind regards,


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It is exciting to see the growing interest in F18 Aus. Several years ago Hobie introduced the Tiger to Aus with the view that F18 was the future of cat sailing

not only in Europe, but also here in Australia. Now that Nacra has joined the F18 scene here, we can finally see real F18 racing in Aus (as soon as the boats

get here!!) The support from Olivier and the International F18 association is really encouraging.

I agree with Bob Schahinger that it s essential that an association is formed to regulate F18 here and keep it fair to all competitors. It has been suggested that

we get together at Forster and / or Lake Cootharaba to get an association rolling. I think that this is a must, but I propose that prior to that we form a group or

committee of people committed to the cause. This committee should consist of :

Representatives (sailors) from each class of F18 in Aus.

A representative from each manufacturer / supplier of F18 in Aus.

There are many things that need to be sorted out before F18 regattas can be a reality. While the in house certification that Olivier mentions sounds great, until

it is a reality boats will have to be measured and receive a measurement certificate. To accurately measure a F18 is not a half hour job - just ask anyone that

has competed in F18 events in Europe! Perhaps a realistic scenario is that we could race with each other as F18s at a club level and at regattas, and as the

season progresses get all boats measured, and towards the end of the season we might be ready to hold a serious Formula 18 regatta.

If you want to be on this committee then please contact me. If you know someone that you think should be on the committee then let them know what is

going on.

Peter Skewes


0402 908 785

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Hi Peter,

I should state that I have no direct interest in F18, except that I think it is good for Cat sailing.

The Idea of a committee is good, but I can think of quite afew class that have gone down the gurgler because the manufacturer has been invovled. What part do you see that they ned to play? Are the Manufacturers involved in the association in Europe?

Who was running the tiger Super Series last year? Is it Running this year? Are all F18's welcome?

Alot of questions.

Antony Edwards

KCC - Race Secretary

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Firstly, it is good to see that you support F18, even though you sail a 4.9.

Regarding your comment on manufacturers involvement in class associations, it is true that in the past the manufacturer involvement in one or two classes has not always been

positive. But in the case of F18 it is a little different. In F18 Aus there are two manufacturers involved, with another planning to have a boat available here in

about 12 months time, so there are three separate builders involved. Secondly, a representative from each builder is invited to join a committee of sailors. I'm

not sure what role the manufacturers play in the European F18 association, but I feel that their input will be valuable.

The tiger Super series was run jointly by Hobiecat Aus and the Hobie dealers to promote the (then new to Aus) Tiger, and show the cat sailors of Aus what

they had to offer. There will be a F18 series, but it will not be a reality until the F18 association is formed and running. Then any compliant F18 from any

manufacturer or amateur builder will be welcome.


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To Catsailor and Pete :

You are perfectly right : the limitation is only in the use of carbon, as what is not expressly allowed is prohibited by the rules.

Nevertheless, it is quite possible to use textile devices to "swallow" the spi (I don't know the wording in english).

Concerning the builders position in the class, the Constitution allow to have an "advisory board", compromised with builders or importers, beside the World Council. This body could be a good way to deal with the Technical/Measurement Committee.

In the near future, it would be good to have one of you as Australian representative in this Technical committee.

Please let me know who will be in charge of that task, in order to send him all the relevant information.

Waiting the pleasure of meeting you soon,



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