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Inclusion of the AUS F18 Ass. into the World Council

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Dear friends,

I read with great interest all your messages in this forum. You have perfectly understood the F18 concept : fast, longlasting, protecting the club sailors interests, good value for money, through builders competition.

You have to know that as soon as your class be created, you will be entitled to join the World Council. The first year is free, in order to facilitate the birth of new national associations : no fee to pay !

The next meeting will be held in Travemunde (GER) during the 2002 Worlds. The second annual meeting is held early December in Paris, during the boatshow (the widest for sport cats).

I do hope to see any of you next july in Germany.

Have fun sailing your F18, whatever it could be (they all are good boats) !

Sincerely yours,

Olivier BOVYN, International F18 Class Chairman

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