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Who's Sailing what at the F18 Worlds

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The F18 Worlds web site is one of the worst I have come accross but this is the list of top ten and what I think they are sailing based on history

Mourniac, Jean-Christophe – Cirrus

Larsen, Gunnar – Nacra F18

Boulogne, Emmanuel – Cirrus

Booth, Mitch – Tiger

Sach, Helge - Inter18 ?

Colby, Gavin – Tiger

Heemskerk, Mischa – Hunter F18

Vink, Peter – Nacra F18

Le Peutrec, Fred – Tiger ?

Samama, Wouter – ??

Figueroa, Enrique - ?

Thomas, Greg - ?

Bundock, Darren – Nacra/Tiger

Any idea of the ? items

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Originally posted by mal gray:

Enrique, Bundy, Greg thomas sailed Tigers.Don't know the others.

Bundy - Nacra F18

Mitch - Tiger

Mourniac - Cirrus

Sach - Nacra F18

Heemskerk - Tiger

Le Puetrec - Aldo

All 4 types of boats had equal boat speed. The F18 Formula is obviously working well.


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