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Lets get it on

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Read all sorts of comments pro's and cons for f18 racing.

And I say bring it onnnn. Lets race, manafacture's v manufacture's, (Holden V Ford) mate v mate.

Boat owners, manufactors and sailers are going to be the one's to prosper from F18's healthy competition.

Where are we at with getting a regatta where all the talk is left till we hit the Bar after the race.

Ps, Caught a discussion on the Nacra Forum about f18 and development with sails etc

As I see it the f18 Manufactor's spend allot of money putting a package together that there pro's have tested to win, this makes it easy for the bloke getting into the class and F18's. He knows the boat isn't the reason he's at the back of the fleet.

If he thinks he is good enough to put a set of after market sails on the boat and kick everyone at the worlds, well good. He'll probably be the next sponsored pro and put his knowledge into all of our gear.

So lets get it on.

The Kringle (Tiger)

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