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Long distance racing

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Hi all,

I would like to raise the topic of looking at starting the Coral Sea or similar format long distance race in Australia. All f18's

I've entered the Worall twice and been unable to raise the cash for crew and support to get there. The Us Dollars don't help, so any ideas places, times

The Coral Sea was one of the best things I've done.

Cheers Kringle

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Great idea Kringle! But before anyone wets their pants about the idea let me make some comments:

There is a lot of talk about such events but talk is cheap. The last proposed Hogsbreath 1000 was cancelled due to lack of committed starters. This would have been the third such event. The first two as you know were very successful. Still there were not enough competitors who would put up some $$$ to enter.

The F18 is the right boat. Most are proven designs, with no modification necessary.

Not all Catamaran sailors are qualified to enter such a race. Entry would have to be subject to strict qualifying criteria, eg years of experience, navigation skills, first aid qualification,perhaps even a medical fitness test. No organiser of such a race is going to put his and other's lives at risk by having inexperienced people racing in open waters, possibly at night with virtually no rescue craft.

The cost of a boat in such a campaign is only a portion of overall cost. Safety equipment, suitable clothing, accomodation, transport, spares adds up to a significant outlay.

Getting approval and insurance for such events will be difficult in the wake of the Hobart disaster.

I'm not saying its impossible but merely stating that the field of acceptable entrants who also have the time away from current sailing/life committments and the money and motivation is pretty limited.

I'm in if it happens. Hope enough others feel the same way.

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