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2003 F18 nationals pictures taken by catsailor.net

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I am looking for an opportunity to get into the F-18s..... Can't afford a boat at the moment as we are looking into a late modle Marstrom. Hopfully we will find some kind sponnsors...... Club Marine, sadly did not come on board this year as they signed off on a 2 year deal with an 18 foot skiff 3 weeks before we saw them.

Very disapointed Cat Factory's Viper did not eventuate but hopfully Neil will pick him self up soon and get the boat on the water. Look forward to racing it if he is still keen.

Stephen Medwell

Team Tornado ALIVE



supported by

Club Marine(Pleasure Craft Insurance)

Seawind Catamarans

Finlease (Marine finance)

Sign*A*Rama - Petersham

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