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Just a small note to inform F18 sailors of some recent improvements with the Nacra F18.

At a recent regatta in NSW nats champs Chris Brewin showed some major signs of improvement with the boat noticably in moderate to stronger breezes. Recently struggling to take race wins in the upper breeze strengths the boys took some heat wins over the capricorns and tigers. Stay tuned as further improvemtns are made. This si the great thing about F18, we all work together to continually improve.

Recently nacra has copped a fair bit of slack over the beam width of our boats. Can i just say for the record that the reason for the NacraF18 being sold 4inches narrower than the F18 rules max, is solely a Road Transport issue. I am sure many of you are aware that the F18's in OZ which are max F18 width are ALL legally in the wrong. The reasearch has been done extensivley and there are permits available but only for night driving and many conditions must be met including flashing lights and flags, and i am sure you all carry these???? Nacra is soon to offer wider beams but only if the customer can prove they have such a permit or utilise a tilt trailer. It is important to remember that in the modern world legal requirements must be met, i can tell you the shit will the hit the fan one day, whether it be a car accident with a WIDE trailer or the like. Something for everyone to consider!

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