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Keppel Bay Regatta

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What a top weekend of catsailing! A good fleet of F18s from three stables enjoyed very close racing in the annual Yeppoon Mayday regatta. Nacra F18s, Hobie tigers and the Hunter battled it out in a range of conditions in 6 races over two days. The mix of winners shows that the formula is working well.

On day one in light conditions, it was Warren Guinea and Johnny on the new wider Nacra with revised square top main who won two heats. On Tiger, Mal Gray, sailing with Kelly Slater (famous surfer) won the other. A friendly team beer-bet was lost by team Hobie who enlisted the services of Erik (OCS) Cok. Thank you ERIK!!!

Day two began with the Dash for Cash which consisted of a long beat, a longer spinnaker run and a tight fetch to the finish. Nev Thompson continued his love affair with rudder castings after he was king-hit by a Cobra in pre-start manouvers. With one rudder out of action, Nev and Mighty Matt struggled to finish. After a couple of hours racing, Mal and Kelly edged out Warren and Johnny by two boatlengths for the money.

The two races after lunch were held in an increasing breeze. Nev and Matt won the first, with Mal and Kelly second, Luke Mcmullen and Simon Beattie had their best race- a third, whilst Warren finished back in the fleet. In the last race, held in the strongest breeze and with a crew swap (is that legal Wazza?), Warren, sailing with Simon Beattie lead the way with Gray and Thompson in hot pursuit. Mal and Kelly just got tired and slowed down, to let Nev through and Captain Woodduck (el treasurer )catch up. Warren sealed the win, Nev and Matt were second and Mal and Kelly were third.

Overall it was:

Warren Guinea/ Johnny/Simon Nacra F18 1st

Mal Gray/Kelly Slater Hobie Tiger 2nd

Nev Thompson/ Matt Homan Hobie Tiger 3rd

A meeting of all those in attendance, agreed to hold the 2004 QLD F18 Titles in conjunction with the Cootharaba Cat Challenge.

2005 State Titles will be held at Yepoon Mayday Regatta

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Sounds like a great weekend.

Soundds like the Nacra F18 was fairly dominant over the weekend. This si great for the Nacra F18 and the F18 class, obvioulsy the recent changes to the rudders, main and beams have really improved the boat

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