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Aussies Win

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The Aussies cleaned up at the F18 Worlds

1st to Darren Bundock and Glenn Ashby

5th to Greg Goodall and Daniel Van Kerchoff

6th Andrew Landenberger and Martin Rusterholtz

18th Neville Thompson and Matt Homan

41st Taylor Booth and Shane Peterson.

other "ex-Aussies" doing well-

Mitch Booth 2nd

Gav Colby 3rd

Mark Laruffa 9th

Australia proved that despite our small population, us Aussies know how to sail catamarans

Again there were many designs in the top placings, further reinforcing the efectiveness of the Formula 18 rules. "Sailors win not boats"

With 160 competitors, this class is surely working towards the premier catamaran sailing class of the world

Be a part of a the growing movement and get your F18 today! See your favourite F18 manufacturer/dealer or get a hold of one of the many great used boats around and join in at Forster in Oct for out second Aussie Nationals. 50 boats on the start line is our realistic goal. Come and learn from some of the best catamaran sailors in the world.

Mal Gray

Pres Aust F18

(little fish in big pond)

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