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QLD F18 Titles Lake Cootharaba

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report Day one

race 1: abandoned, (Neville in the lead- too bad, so sad!!)

race 2: 1st Freck, 2nd Mal, 3rd Neville

race 3: 1st neville, 2nd mal, 3rd Freck

overall Freck, Neville, Mal all tied on 6 pts

Racing very tight. The weather unco-operative. Storms about, shifty breeze.

other goss,

Warren Guinea retired, after collision whilst on port at start of race 2, with Freck, which nearly sank the Nacra. Freck has a nice dent in his rear beam to show for it.

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Day two report

The 3rd race of the series started without Mark Laruffa and Dave Sylvester, who despite their 14hr drive from Sydney. packed up and went home overnight. Maybe Sir Nev rubbed it in a bit hard last night! (Its all right Mark, you get used to it after a while!) Andrew Mcleod and Bill Hulton took off also, muttering something about rain. Wazza fixed his boat and got back on the water.

The first race began in a reasonable 10 kts and provided good racing. Nev and Freck swapped the lead for a while til Mal blitzed them on the 2nd run to open out a 100m lead. Neville gobbled that up to close the gap to four inches at the last bottom mark. The old dog used all his tricks to keep Neville there to the finish.

Race 3 Mal 1st, Nev 2nd, Freck 3rd.

The last race began with a spectacular start by Erik who put himself in irons trying to luff out the regatta leader. Russ was first to the new breeze which freshened and clocked 30degrees to be first at every mark from then on. Nev caught up and was second. Freck was third with a very consistent regatta.

Race 4 Russ 1st, Nev 2nd, Freck 3rd, Wazza 4th, Scott and Leon 5th, (Mal and Adrian lucky to finish in the time limit after they tacked too early after the start and went to oblivion on the wrong side of the shift and pressure.)

Overall, the Neville and Shamus won the Queensland F18 Title from Mal and Adrian on a countback (5pts). Freck and Phil were 3rd(7pts), Russ and Rowdy were 4th(10pts), Scott and Leon were 5th(16pts), Brad Nixon was 6th (19pts), Erik and Anja were 7th(20pts), Warren and Danny Demolition, tied with Mark Laruffa and Dave Sylvester for 8th and Andrew Mcleod and Bill were 10th.

F18s were 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the mixed fleet overall and F18s won the teams trophy. Well done team!!

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