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Nacra Infusion 2nd and 3rd at Eurocat... and Bundy wins again

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The Nacra F18 Infusion past all her tests this week. It had her launch only a couple of months ago and is alreay competing for the titles in big international events! "We could not dream of a better start of the season and the long life of this Nacra F18 Infusion" Mischa Heemskerk said. " we are very happy about the results and we got very good response on the boat and orders at Nacra Europe dealers are coming in and we just have started sailing with the Infusion. There is so much more to learn in trim and handling but these results shows us the potentail of this boat and we will only be going faster and faster!!!"

Overall result Eurocat,

1st Bundock/Ashby Hobie F18

2nd Heemskerk/De Boer Nacra F18

3th Koning/Vink Nacra F18

Have a look on the website of the organising club www.yccarnac.com

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