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Capricorns break it into the US

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Just found this

Fun in the Sun Services, Inc. of Clearwater Florida announces the Australian High Performance Catamaran invasion into the USA and Canada.

Fun in the Sun will be the North American Distributor for the high speed line of Catamaran Sailboats that include the exciting Capricorn F18, the Boyer A-Cat and new Tool, the Taipan and Taipan F16. Boats will be stocked in the US and made available to individuals and dealers around North America without having to deal with importation complications and delays.

Although the A-Cat is well known and proven around the US, the Capricorn hit the shores running, finishing 1st and 2nd at the Summer Sizzler event in Daytona Beach on June 24th and 25th.

Robbie Daniel, one of the top US Olympic Tornado sailors, who finished first in Daytona said “This is the closest feel to the Olympic Tornado that I have felt. The boat is a rocket ship.”

Olli Jason, who finished second in Daytona said “he could not believe the difference in the Capricorn and his Tiger. The boat is so responsive and acts like a much lighter boat.”

Capricorn has also been kicking the dust up in Europe and finished 1st corrected at the amazing Round de Texel .

With 8 initial Capricorns hitting the US last week, there are only 4 left to be sold and a second container planned to ship shortly.

The boats are shipped complete and with lots of extras that most manufactures charge for such as rudder and dagger board covers. John Williams of Florida noted that the boat was so complete; it even came with grease in the bolt holes!

Jill Nickerson, of Fun in the Sun, said “dealerships are available in the US and Canada and we have aggressive summer pricing set up for dealers and individual with immediate delivery. For more information on the AHCP line of boats, contact Jill Nickerson at 727-734-0799 or funinthesun@juno.com or visit the AHPC web site '>www.ahpc.com.au

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