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Crew available - Melbourne- looking for regular spot

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Hi Guys and Girls

I've been out of the sailing scene for a few years (ex-skiff sailer) and want to get into an F18

I'm looking for a crew position for the 06-07 season (and beyond) Can do all major events and weekends

I'm Based In Melbourne, 24yo and 70kg, very easy to get along with and always reliable

I'm a full time Uni student so my summer holidays allow me to commit to Nat's, World's and other majors.

I've never sailed an F18 but I'm ready to rise to the challenge and have the time to get up to speed

The F18's have sparked my interest due to the encouraging class format as well as the performance/price (I hope to buy one in a few years)

Also any out of state skippers looking at coming to Melbourne for the Nat’s and don't have a crew, please e-mail me too





(p.s sorry if this is the wrong place to post, moderators feel free to move if needed)

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