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Available Crew/Boat Co-Owner

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I'm keen to crew on an F18 this season. I'm 24 and weigh about 75kg. I'd be happy to crew for someone already with a boat or go halves with someone wanting to buy a new Capricorn. I'm based in Sydney and my closest sailing club is Kurnell Catamaran Club. I'm keen to make time for all the big regattas coming up, including the worlds next year. Anyone interested, call me on 0422 973131.



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Hey Richard,

I'm a british guy spending a year in sydney and im wanting to get a lot of sailing done while im there. I weigh about 75kgs and have experience in dart 18s, hobie 16's and spitfires, mostly as crew.

I'm going to be in sydney at the start of october, i could possibly go halves on a second hand f18, but don't think i could stretch to half a new capricorn. but im really keen to do the nationals and the worlds.

Me email is anutt@hotmail.com if you want to drop me a reply.


Andy Nutt

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