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Primary Sponsor - Australian High Performance Catamarans - http://www.ahpc.com.au

Supporting sponsors:

Nacra Australia - http://www.nacra.com.au

NacraXtreme - http://www.nacraxtreme.com

The Organising Authority is the Australian Formula 18 Catamaran Association in conjunction with the associated Clubs and Regatta Managers

1. Rules:

a) The Travellers Series will be governed by the current rules as defined in the ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing 2009/12, the special regulations of Yachting Australia, International Formula 18 Association Class rules and by the Sailing Instructions of each event.

b) Rule 44.2 is changed so that the 720 deg turn is replace by a 360 deg turn

Formula 18 Class Rules


2. Venues and Regatta Sites:

a) The Travellers Series will be hosted by and in conjunctions with the following clubs and their associated Regatta Venues.

• Speers Point Amateur Sailing Club (SPASC)

• Palm Beach Sailing Club (PBSC)

• Port Kembla Sailing Club (PKSC)

• Yarra Bay Sailing Club (YBSC)

• Great Lakes Sailing Club (GLSC)

• Kurnell Catamaran Club (KCC)

• Nambucca River Sailing Club (NRSC)

• Batemans Bay Sailing Club (BBSC)

3. Advertising:

a) The Travellers Series is classified as a Category C Event in accordance with Appendix 1, Regulation 20 and the Prescriptions of the AYF

4. Eligibility and Entry:

a) The Travellers Series is open to all Formula 18 Catamarans that have a valid measurement certificate. NB. Measurement prior to the event may be performed by appointment only. Beyond spot checking performed by the race organisers will take place during the event.

b) All boats shall carry public liability insurance to the value of at least $10 million (Australian Dollars).

Proof of insurance must be provided before an entry is accepted. (Originals must be produced upon registering). All boats entered are deemed to carry this insurance and it’s the skippers’ responsibility to ensure adequate coverage at all times.

c) All Skippers and crews shall be full financial members of the Australian F18 association.

d) All Traveller Series entries are to be completed via the online regatta site (http://www.ausf18.org.au/entry-form.php) payments can be sent to:

James Ogilvie,

Unit 2, 74 Gerard Street

Cremorne NSW 2090.

Cheques to be made out to the Australian F18 Association or Direct Deposit into the association bank account via the following details.

ANZ Savings Bank

BSB NO: 012 289

ACCOUNT NO: 110145737

e) Three entrants are necessary for an event to be contested. A Youth and Women event will be conducted where there are three or more entrants in that event. Youth and Woman shall be determined as the skipper only.

5. Fees:

The series entry fee is $60.00, this covers all races as scheduled in appendix A. Please note the series entry fee DOES NOT cover the respective club and/or regatta fees for any event attended as detailed within Appendix

6. Schedule of events:

a) The individual event Race Committees may run any number of races per day with some races back to back. This will be determined by the individual club event organisers.

b) Registration Travellers Series

• Online registration go to http://www.ausf18.org.au/entry-form.php

c) Associated Regattas/Events

• Refer to the Event Web Sites and individual NOR.

• Refer to appendix A for Schedule of Events and Associated Regatta

7. Scoring:

◦ NSW F18 Travellers Series will consist on 13 events total, see Appendix A

◦ Scoring will be based on overall placing’s from each event, 13 results overall

◦ A possible 2 drops will be allocated based on all 13 events being run

8. Prizes:

◦ Perpetual prizes will be awarded to at least the first 3 placegetters.

◦ All entrants in the NSW 09/10 Travellers Series who attend an event will be eligible for prizes drawn of one of the following. Individual raffle tickets will be given to each entrant per event raced and a raffle will be held at the end of season for all major prices

• New F18 Spinnaker donated by AHPC

• Magic Marine Sailing Gear from NacraXtreme and Nacra Australiasia

• Other minor prizes to suit your F18

9. Sailing Instructions:

Sailing instructions will be as per the individual event. Refer to the organisers web sites and appendix A for listing of events

10. Disclaimer of Liability:

a) Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. Refer rule 4, Decision to Race. The organising authority will not accept any liability for material damage or personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during or after the regatta.

b) All those taking part in these races do so at their own risk and responsibility. Specific attention is drawn to RRS 2 with states: “The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone”.

c) The Australian F18 Association, sponsors, the Race Committee and other race officials are not responsible for any damage or injury either afloat or ashore.

d) The Australian F18 Association, sponsors, the Race Committee and other race officials are not responsible for the seaworthiness of a boat whose entry is accepted or the sufficiency or adequacy of its equipment.

e) The establishment of the Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions in no way limits or reduces the complete and unlimited responsibility of a competitor being solely and entirely responsible for the management of a boat he/she is sailing.

11. Further information:

a. Leanne Gould – leanneg@bigpond.net.au

b. James Ogilvie – james@nacraxtreme.com

c. Kyle Amadio – kylea@itvss.com.au




Rnd Dates Club Event Description

1 September - 5 PBSC Pre Season Club Race

2 September - 19 SPASC Pre Season Club Race

3 October - 3, 5 GLSC Wild Cat Regatta – Foster

4 October - 24, 25 SPASC Speers Point Regatta

5 November - 7,8 KCC Top Gun Regatta – NSW F18 State Titles

6 November - 14,15 PBSC Beware the Bullets

7 November - 28, 29 PKSC Kembla Klassic

8 December - 13 SPASC Speers Club Day

9 February - 6 SPASC Pulbah Island Marathon

10 February - 28 KCC Cock of the Bay Marathon

11 March - 6, 7 NRSC Darren Lowder Memorial Regatta – Trial Bay

12 March - 21 YBSC Yarra Bay

13 April - 24, 25 BBSC Batemans Bay Regatta

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  • 2 weeks later...

Pardon the French, but we had some shit hot racing for round 1 at Palmie on the weekend.

7 boats on the water. Lead changing after every tack & gybe, any one of 4 boats could of won each race.

Thanks to the guys and girls at Palm Beach Sailing Club for looking after us, see you again soon.

Looking forward to Round 2 at Speers Point on the 19th Sept, should have 2 more boats on the water which will be good.

PS: James any overall results from the weekend, I forgot to look.

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Let me guess, we were all way to busy having fun to worry about the results. hahaha.

Anyone with an F18 come on down to Speers Point on the 19th you will have fun, I promise.

Hang on anyone with a cat come to Speers Point and join in the fun. At the end of the day anyone with a multihull is welcome as we all share one thing in life.

Going fast with a big ass smile on our face.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Results for round 2 are now posted on the F18 Web Site. 1 Races Overall completed with possition based on final results


"Katie Pellew" "Grant Pellew " Nacra Infusion - 1

"James Ogilvie" "Peter Hurney "Nacra Infusion - 2

"Kyle Amadio" "Sam Woods " Hobie Tiger - 3

"Ian Simpson" "Andrew Driver "Nacra Infusion - 4

"Billy Nissen" "Dean nissen " Nacra Infusion - 5

"Leanne Gould" "Stuart Morton " Hobie Tiger - 7

"Greg Wyers" "Kez Stevens " Capricorn - 8 DNC

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