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NSW F18 State Titles NOR

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KCC 2009 Top Gun Regatta

Scheduled Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th November 2009.

Kurnell Catamaran Club Incorporated

Prince Charles Parade, Kurnell. Sydney Australia.

(PO Box 255, Caringbah. NSW Australia 1495)

Phone: 02-9668 9295 on Sundays

Email race-secretary@kcc.asn.au

This Notice of Race is issued by the Kurnell Catamaran Club Incorporated (KCC). The organising

authority and officials consists of the KCC elected Committee for the current season and rostered

duty personnel. The KCC Race Secretary maintains the source for this Notice of Race. This Notice

of Race is dated 11th August 2009 and is valid until superseded by a later dated version as issued by

the Kurnell Catamaran Club Race Secretary, Assistant Race Secretary or an authorised Committee


1. Rules

The regatta will be governed by the current rules as defined in 2009-2012 Racing Rules of Sailing, the

special regulations of the AYF, the relevant class rules and by the Sailing Instructions.

2. Alteration of Class Rules

Refer to the Sailing Instructions

3. Alteration of Racing Rules

Refer to the Sailing Instructions

4. Eligibility and Entry

4.1 The Regatta is open to all "off the beach" catamarans.

4.2 Class Associations wishing to conduct Class Events are welcome – Please contact the Race

Secretary – Details below.

4.3 Eligible boats may enter on the entry form which will be available at the KCC Clubhouse at

least 2 hours prior to the start of the first race.

5. Fees

Fees are payable at the KCC Clubhouse. Boats must pay their entry fee prior to competing in any race

or their result will not be recorded.

Full Regatta:-

2 man boat $35

1 man boat $30

Page 2 of 2

Single Day:-

2 man boat $25

1 man boat $20

6. Schedule of Events

Refer to the Sailing Instructions,

First Briefing is at 10.30am Saturday 7th November 2009

There will be racing AM & PM Saturday and Sunday.

7. Measurements

Measurement is not required, but the Race Secretary & Assistant Race Secretary at KCC reserves the

right to inspect any individual boat for compliance to the relevant class rules.

8. Sailing Instructions

The Sailing Instructions (final copy) will be available before 10am on Saturday 7th November 2009

from the KCC Clubhouse.

A draft copy may be available on the KCC Web Site (www.kcc.asn.au ) prior to this time.

9. Racing Area

Botany Bay, Sydney Australia with courses as shown in the Sailing Instructions.

10. Courses

Refer to the Sailing Instructions

11. Scoring

Refer to the Sailing Instructions.

12. Alternative Penalties

Refer to the Sailing Instructions

13. Prizes

Refer to the Sailing Instructions

14. Further Information

Brian Chapman Ph: 02 9520 4547 E-mail: race-secretary@kcc.asn.au

0412 856 118

Helen Herbert Ph: 0408 503 608

Barry Willis Ph: 0421 054 985 E-mail: Commodore@kcc.asn.au


Phone the Club on Sundays from 13th September 2009 on 02-9668 9295



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Hi to all F18 Sailors,

We are expecting 12 F18 at this weekends State tiltle with a good mix of Capricorn, Infusion, and Tiger.

Based on the numbers we have seen the biggest increase in numbers for the past 3 years.

Hope to see you all on the water


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