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Humpybong regatta


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2 weeks ago I was fortunate enough to attend the Class Titles at the Humpybong Yacht Club. From the first phone call until the end of the weekend I was super-impressed with the organisation and friendship shown by the club members and other competitors. I fall into the WWS class (Worlds Worst Sailor).

Regardless of what type of craft the people were sailing everyone was supportive and friendly. This is what I hoped to find when I decided to start sailing, but never expected to.

The main purpose of this post (apart from thanking everyone publicly) is to let any other people out there who may think that going to a regatta is out of their league or joining a club is beyond their experience, that the friendship and fun is there to be enjoyed.

Special thanks to the "A" Class people, the Capricorn people and the Hobie Tiger people, and Mal I can see why many people think so highly of you.

Thanks again Humpybong I will be returning there often.


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