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5.8 spin

Two-Up 1635

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Hi Tim,

I have 2 different kite setups on 1591. One is a pole and bag on the tramp which was the 1st kite setup for the 5.8's and not to bad as long as you have a crew who knows how to handle a kite, the only problems I see is bulky and it's not as quick as a mid snuffer system.

The 2nd one is a snuffer at the end of the pole setup (see photos in the Nacra forum) the only problems I see with that is sometimes the boat will run over the kite when dropping it, extra weight out in front and a lot of surface area when punching though big waves.

I haven't tried a mid stuffer on a 5.8 but used them on F18's and they seem to work well. There is some photos of 1606 with a mid stuffer in the other forum.

Regards Graceland 1591.

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