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Winter Sailing


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Just went out on the beach break at Warrilla.

Pretty small but looked like it was trying to get up under the SW wind. Only went out for an hour or so.

In regard to what you said about shopping...

Have you ever checked out some of the websites of the Victorian clubs? They seem to have several classes sailing regularly Whereas in NSW (Outside of the Sydney area at least)clubs struggle just to survive.

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What a day. Got there 11.30 (a bit late for winter), with 10/15k of wind as forecast. Needed to rig my new spi halyard which extended rigging time somewhat but I was finally on the water around 1.30.

No wind!

Drifted for 1/2 an hour then some fluky 2/3k stuff started but it was swinging 90deg, very frustrating. Got a decent spi run in a 5 min. gust then it died again. Next thing, the tackline detaches from the sail? (bad knot) mad.gif

After a slow trip back to the beach and an equally slow tacking feast back out, I finally got to set the kite again only to discouver that when I had re-attached the tackline (without setting the kite) (blunder) I'd created a huge tangle/twist in the kite. I gave up.

Except for dropping the mast during de-rigging, eek.giffrown.gif it was a good day........NOT!

New halyard is great and my recent change to a 1:1 tackline was a success making setting and retrieval much smoother. Not all bad I guess.

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