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Spraying Flow Coat


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Flowcoat was never intended to be an ext hull finish product, was intended for internal to cover raw fiberglass. If u are using as an ext hull finish u will probably be dissapointed. In saying that you will be able to thin it done using thinners appropriate to the product, but will then need many coats. If external then maybe a two pack of your choice, then gellcoat to finish. Do some research other than this forum, like a shipwright or similair and see what you can find.

Ex Shippie (retired

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when looking into freshing up an old cat 6 months ago I looked into using gel / flow coat to clean up the hulls. My research descovered that it was more trouble than it was worth.

If you are trying to cover a large area consider using polyurethane boat paint. This is what I used and the boat looked great! The brand I used was international (brightside) - easy to spray and thin / clean.

If this is not what you are trying to do then ignore my post.


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DON'T use gelcoat externally! It is only un-waxed flowcoat. The un-waxed bit means that it will stay "tacky" on the surface after it has cured! This is so that you can achieve a chemical bond with closely following layer of resin/glass etc...

Just thin with acetone or an appropriately endorsed product from the same manufacturer as the flowcoat... Many (2 or 3 sanded in between) thin layers is better than 1 thick 1.

Good Luck & hope this helps,


Leroy wink.gif

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Investigating the same subject - got the following advice - which lines up with Leroy's post. This advice from the supplier ....

"If you are planning on 1 coat of Gelcoat I would suggest you switch to a White Flowcoat, it costs the same as gelcoat, looks the same, only it cures to a tack free finish. Where as the Gelcoat stays tacky so you can put another coat over the top and will stay tacky for a while until you add styrene wax to the gelcoat. (Flowcoat already has wax in it.)"


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