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QLD Maricat sailors.


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Hi, I'm looking for other Maricat sailors in SEQ. I sometimes sail at Humpybong, but I'm not a member. I'll go as far as Hervey Bay and as far south as is possible in a weekend to sail with other Maricat people. I'm trying to find a place where I can access a beach and leave my car and trailer not too far away, preferably near a camping ground. Any ideas please?

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I have for years sailed and camped with my family at Lake cootharabah North west of Noosa. There are two camp sites - Boreen pt and Elanda point.

I like Elanda point because I can park my boat next to the camp or during the day anchor it off shore during sails. It also has no public access from the beach so it seems alittle more protected.

Boreen Pt also has a sailing club - check it out - they may sail Maricats at some stage. Only disadvantage is the lake is shallow at places.

Hope the info helps


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Hi Harris,

Where abouts in Brisbane are you?

I'm at Alex Hills and regularly sail my Maricat and Nacra 5.2 out of either Manly Harbour or Victoria Point.

Are you after a group to race with? or just social sail (ie: race)with?

I'd be interested in meeting up and going for a sail if your interested.

Give me a call on 0438 641 543 or you can email me at casepart@bigpond.net.au

Heres a video I made of our Nacra and maricat sailing on Waterloo Bay of Manly the other weekend.



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