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National Championship coverage - Australian Sailing Magazine

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Refer to e-mail received from Venessa Dudley re Australian Sailing Magazine coverage of forthcoming National Championships.

Note the February 1 deadline.

Phil Edwards

Australian Sailing Championships Coverage

Dear Class Association contact,

Each year, Australian Sailing's April issue carries a special liftout section reporting national championships and other major events over the holiday season. To make this as complete and accurate as possible, we depend very heavily on contributions from the class associations. With more than 50 championships to cover, it can be done no other way.

Accordingly, from your upcoming national championship could you help us with a 300-400 word summary, with summary of final results down to 10 placings and a picture (print, slide or digital) -- or supply contact details for professional photographers at the event.

The report should be analytical, covering: Why the top boat did well, weather, fleet numbers, dramatic incidents. Unfortunately we just do not have space for heat by heat reports.

Give up full names for crews in the reports, first name initials only in results summaries (including heat placings for each boat in the top ten; see example below) and identify state of origin. With single-handed, double and three-handed classes, give us all of the crew names. For multi-crew boats (like J24s), give us boat name, skipper's name and state of origin.

Deadline for material is February 1. We cannot guarantee publication of material received after that date in the special championship liftout.

Reports may be sent via email to vanessadudley@yaffa.com.au. Digital photographs should be saved as jpegs, minimum 300 dpi, A4 size. Slides or prints may be sent to the address below.

Our records may have become out of date for some class associations; if you are no longer the right contact person for us to contact regarding publicity, would you mind forwarding this on to someone who is involved and can help us.

Thanks in anticipation for your help and best wishes for a great regatta.

Vanessa Dudley, Editor

Australian Sailing Magazine

Yaffa Publishing

GPO Box 606

Sydney NSW 1041

Tel: 02 9213 8252

Mobile: 0418 118 133

Fax: 02 9281 2750

Email: vanessadudley@yaffa.com.au

Example of preferred format of regatta results table for Australian Sailing magazine:

Overall place, Boat name, Skipper name (with crew if two-handed class), State, Heat placings (with dropped heat in brackets), Overall points

1. Deathstar (S.Kirkjian, NSW), (6)-6-1-2-5-2-5-2, 23pts; 2. Starpac (N.Wittey, NSW), 4-3-5-1-2-8-3-(11), 26; 3. Kalori II (M.Walters, NSW), 1-1-(14)-3-10-11-8-4, 38; 4. Code Violation (D.McGain, NSW), 9-9-3-9-(11)-1-1-8, 40; 5. Pacemaker (D.Suda, Vic), 7-10-2-7-1-7-6-(dnf), 40; 6. Nokomis (H.Flett, NSW), 5-2-4-10-(13)-6-7-9, 43; 7. Security Blanket (H.Ottaway, Vic), 10-8-7-12-8-(14)-2-1, 48; 8. Innaminka (J.Crawford, NSW), 2-4-8-8-3-(13)-10-13, 48; 9. Hyperactive (P.Coombs, Vic), 3-11-(ocs)-6-6-4-12-6, 48; 10. Ace (D.West, NSW), 8-(14)-12-5-9-9-9-3, 55.

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