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NACRA - Western Australia


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I am trying to locate all Nacra owners in WA to get the class up and running again.

I would like to organise a couple of social events and ultimately a yardstick state titles for this year (2002/03)

A good starting point is the Cat classic at Nedlands Yacht club on the long weekend in September 2002. A two day event sailed over the Saturday (pm)and Sunday (all day).

Contact me if you are interested


WA Nacra Sailor

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Hey Goose,

I sail a N5.0 but I am no longer a member of the Nacra association nor a club member and I have never raced before, but am interested in maybe becoming involved...

What are the current fees etc. and what sort of commitment (time) is expected? (I have a young family so I need to ask these questions)

Feel free to e-mail me with any details.


Nacra 5.0 #1880 "Hawaii 5.0"

Perth Western Australia

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Good to here from you Chookie

I sail a 5.8s from the Busselton club, and I am keen to see the NACRA class survive in WA.

We have been dormant as an association for the last couple of years and unless we can regroup will be out of business as an association in 2 years.

What type of events would interest you?

The Cat classic and the Busselton Regatta are both good events and are an open invition to any person nominating.

As yet no fees have been set, but would be minumal (cover costs, not make a profit)and depandant on numbers. Early days yet!

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