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gel coat repair


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Just wanted some opinions on my proposed gel coat repairs before doing irrevocable harm!!

I'd like to fix up all the little dings and scratches on my (to me) new 5.8. I have some gel coat from Brisbane Cat center that has wax added already. Should I mix some colliodal silica into this to stiffen up the gel coat?

I was planning to dremel out the scratches (to turn them into v-shaped cuts) using a v-shaped grinding point. Wipe area with styrene to get a chemical bond. Then with a stiff gel coat mixture, squeegee it onto crack with a credit card. Surround scratch with masking tape to limit spread of gelcoat.

Sand with 400, 800, 1200 wet and dry. Cutting compound, polish and wax.

DOes that sound like the right procedure?



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