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Maricats in Tasmania


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In Tassie this year we had 5 Maris turn out for one of our Regattas at the Lauderdale Yacht Club the most for quite a while I believe.In fact we were able to have our own division.There were two cat rigged and three sloops.

Racing all year has been close although at the end of the year some of the boats are a bit worse for wear.

We also have a web site that we think is pretty good www.lyc.catsailor.org

We estimate that there are 150 Maris in the state.So if your got a Mari,Hobie or Windrush in fact any type of cat come for a sail at LYC. We start sailing again in October which gives you plenty of time to get ready.

Phone Kris on 0419375973

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HEY Kris,

Good to hear that the maricat is still alive in Tassy hope they can build up their numbers.

Hard to keep a good boat down, mine is 20 yrs old approx and still going strong.

It would be nice to hear from some of the other states or see them at the next NAtionals, there is always a prize for the boat that comes the "furtherest".

Tell the maricatters to check out the maricat website if they haven't already done so, and also the best cat site, our own

Kurnell Catamaran Club site http://www.kcc.ozehosting.com.au/

cheers dave

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