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How do i rake the mast!


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benny & jenny,

Raking the mast is as simple as lengthening the front stay/stays and shortening the rears.

If you are a sloop rig, because of Association rules that limit the measurements of the bridle it is necessary to provide a longer "strop" at the head of the jib/forestay to the mast hound, this I believe is the preferred option as it also opens the slot between jib and mast/main. Which allows the mast to rake rearward. Again the jib will also have to be recut if excessive rake is used as the clew of jib lowers and the desired angle for sheeting may be too far forward etc.

Other reasons to rake are when sailing hard the nose of the mari goes lower in the water which changes the angle of attack of the mainsail/ mast and causes the centre of effort to move forward, to provide better performance raking brings this back and allows us also to push harder downwind.

Try going as far as you current rig allows before chopping/grinding step and stays etc.

and with undercut rudder blades neutralising the helm sufficiently you should get a hot performing mari.

Another thing which limits the amount of rake is the mainsheet blocks touching, this will then require a trip to sailmaker to recut foot raising clew sufficiently or a new mainsail with the new style.

hope this helps

cheers dave

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