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14ft cat sailing


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I'm wondering if we'd get more interest here in 14ft cat sailing if a), we made this forum a 14ft cat sailors forum or b), we had a separate open 14ft forum.

My reasons for suggesting this are that 14ft cat classes are integrating which makes for better racing in larger fleets and this means Hobie, Paper Tiger, Windrush sailors (have I missed anyone) all have a common interest. This is quite unique in the sailing world and is a valuable asset to furthering the promotion of 14ft cats which I think is what we all want, if we believe that racing in larger fleets is a good thing and I doubt there's much argument there.

I don't think many if any Paper Tiger, Hobie or Windrush sailors would read the Maricat forum which means we are missing out on some valuable input and information distribution potential.

The problem with having two 14ft forums (assuming that's what happens) is that we again fragment the effort to combine all 14ftr's as a single class which would tend to diminish the strength of the campaign.

What say you?


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let all windies and others in your area know about the chats, as it is a good way to keep in touch with all........

Maybe get a windie and papertiger chapter going as well when numbers are sufficiently interested.

Pt kembla sc have placed a link on their club page, as well as, the maricat's assocition page, I believe David Stumbles has also been informed for the nsw paper tigers to look into..

It is nice to know how everything is going amongst the classes and clubs. as we don't have magazines like we had in the 80's to keep us informed.

ps i checked on the windies site to get a good story on how to tune "windrush" but is good background for all to read.

cheers dave

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