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can anyone tell me anything about buy nacras from nz


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there is currently no active NZ Nacra agent, but as discussed above you can go straight to the Brisbane Catamaran Centre for assistance.

With regards to which boat would be better for you, it will depend on how you want to use the boat (will is be raced, one person or two) etc, etc.

For two people you'd be after either a 5.8 or the F18. The F18 is the newer faster machine and while you won't win a worlds at your weight, if you can find a crew who is 70kg or below you will still be reasonsable competitive at a club level (especially on windy days)

Nacra are currently offering really sharp deals on the old spec Nacra F18. These have been promoted on at www.crew.net.nz.

Alternately there is also the Hobie Tiger which has dealer support from the Takapuna sailing centre (www.boatbits.co.nz).

I'm sure there are better people on this site to comment on the one man options as I've never sailed any of them.

If you interested in F18s have a look at www.f18.org.nz or contact me to arrange a test sail.

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