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Newbie rigging question


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Just bought a maricat 4.0 and have been trying to figure out how to rig it. I think that I have a couple of bits missing. I found a good tutorial on the nsw maricat site run by grahame heap. He mentions side stays. Are these wire ropes? I have two wires but they have handles so I am assuming that they are the trapeze. When on the mast do you attach the trapeze (not that I will be using it for a while) and where on the mast do you attach the side stays? About 1.9m down from the top of the mast is a metal plate with a hole in it. I assume that this is where the top of the jib attaches. On the hulls, it looks like the side stay attach to a loop on a metal strip. There are some more loops a bit further out, is this where the jib sheets go? I assume that there is no back stay with this. I take it that the mast just sits on the cross beam, it's not held in by a pin or anything. The mast is quite long, so I will have to keep an eye on the power lines when I put it up.

If anyone can help, that would be great.

Thanks for putting up with the questions


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all stays (wire ropes) attach to mast at the hounds ( stainless steel fitting approx. 1.5 metres from top of mast).

2 forward stays are in the middle of shackle attaching to hole in hound.side stays are on outer side left and right on shackle.

forward stays attach to front of each hull.

side stays attach to loop on outside edge of hull (where hull/deck join together)

inner loop on aluminium track is for jib block attachment.

trapeze not really needed unless you are less than 70 kgs.if so wire attaches to outleft and right on same shackle (needs to be a big round loop shackle)

Ronstan adjustable stay adjuster needed to adjust rake etc.

hope this helps

cheers d

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