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Maricat 4.3 Cat Rigged, Stay Lengths

shy thunder

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Maricat 4.3 Stay Length

These Lengths are currently used for my Cat Rigged Maricat “Skye”… They were given to me by another skipper, Wayne whose boat “Prima Facie” is the current National Cat Rigged Champion, they are not guaranteed but provide an excellent starting point for those with no information as to where to start.

These lengths are a good starting point if using adjustable fittings similar to ours.

The measurement for the stays is measured to the outside dimension of the thimble used.

Front Stays is 5350mm

Rear Side stays 5030mm

These stays are connected to the hounds with a bow shackle, Wayne’s is unidentified at this stage, but a good start is what I use, a Ronstan “RF636” (large 7.9mm pin, won’t break readily).

These dimensions allow me on my boat to lift the mast with all stays connected to the top hole of adjusters, into the mast base, another plus when rigging on your own.

Adjustments to length are varied with two different forms of adjuster.

On the front use a Ronstan “RF444”, I connect this adjuster to the bow loop with a long “D” shackle Ronstan “RF622” (as I do not have the original pin and split wire retainer). Wayne connects the adjuster direct to bow loop but has a shorter shackle to lengthen the stay as well.

Wayne uses the top hole for the extreme mast rake that he carries, I use and recommend the 4th hole down for average rake, good for those wanting a better performing boat than the std factory supplied rigging, it is easier to tack than the extremely raked masts of other boats but still requires more concentration / finesse to successfully complete a tack, but the upwind performance is improved with less likely hood of nosediving downwind.

With this amount of rake you will definitely have to “undercut” the rudder blades or modify, to neutralise the weather helm induce by such rake.

The rear/sidestays are connected to adjusters too, use Ronstan “ RF45”, on my boat 2nd hole down from top provides a firm tension on all stays with no prebend of mast, in extremely heavy weather or if you are a lighter person than myself (98kgs) you may consider inducing some prebend to depower the main, by using mainsheet tension to obtain the 3rd or 4th hole down, not necessary just another method.

Having read this far please accept these measurements in good faith as approx and not the “gospel according to Wayne” etc, as wire will stretch and thimbles can straighten out.

But a good guide for those wanting to change their rig to a better performing one? And need some guidance on what maybe a starting point to experiment from…

To all, better sailing and may this hint and others allow you further enjoyment from your Maricat as you obtain better performance etc…



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