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need bits


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Hi there

I'm a newbie know nothing and just purchased a Mari 4.3 , its quite old but in sound condition (had a friend check it out).

I'm missing the main sheet blocks and a myriad other things. Is there a source for s/h parts available in melbourne or anywhere for that matter?

Are detail drawings or photo's available as I would find these helpful in identifying what i need. Any help greatly appreciated thanks.


BTW waxen@aanet.com.au

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try your local ship chandlers, I believe whitworths is located down your way tooo....

Look at the Maricat web site for rules on mari 4.3 etc.

Generally we use a 40mm triple block on boom hangar and acombination triple with ratchet and becket 50mm on traveller car that gives us the max. 6 to 1 purchase allowed.

other maricat specific items can be bought from catsailor.net this site's sales side of things...contact Andrew Holden or Dale at sales for their assistance for posting of items etc....

hope this helps



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