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Rigging help

Steven C

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Just bought an old 4.3 and need some advice about rigging it.

It has a jib and bridle and 4 stays. If I want to sloop rig it do I take off the 2 forestays and use the jib as a forestay, with the 2 sidestays.

Or should I rig the 4 stays and haul the jib up as well. There is a block on the hound and a spare cleat.

Also what is best setup for the traveller. Mine is sliding about unchecked. Should I put sliding stops or use some rope and blocks.


Steven Chaffer

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For casual sailing peoples rigged boat with forestays and raised the jib via a pully at hounds to allow mast to be left erect overnight etc one of the reasons.

But if you intend to race and trust mast and rigging you can do away with the front forestays and use bridle and jib as your front stay.

Where are you located? if in sydney come on out to Kurnell Cat Club Sundays or Concorde Ryde SC on sat arvos for some friendly advice. Or try Port Kembla Sailing Club on Sat Arv. Mannering Park Sth end of lake MAcquarie on Sat arv also.

the traveller if an original has an integral jamb cleat connected to it...tie a rope to the rear side of rear beam in centre( there should be a stainless steel loop rivetted to it) through the traveller car to control the position of the traveller on rear beam.

Hope this helps...



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Hi Steve,

Congratulations on your purchase. When sailing cat rigged you use the two forestays, each one attaching from the mast hound to the front of each hull. When you sail sloop rigged, you disconnect the two forestays at the hound and use the bridle coming off the front of each hull. The jib becomes your forestay. There should be a furler (optional), which connects to the bridle and then to the base of the jib. You should then have a short stay with a free spinning connector coming off the hound to connect the top of the jib to, so when you use the self furler, the jib can spin freely and furl the jib. There is a cleat system on the starboard side of the mast step on the front cross beam where you tie off the furling rope. With regard to your traveller there should be a rope tied off on the underside of the rear cross beam that is then fed through the traveller car and through the travller cleat which alot of the guys now rivet to the centre of the rear cross beam.

Hope this helps.

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