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Turnbuckles and the pressure they impart are not necessary onthe standing rigging of the maricat4.3 except for the dolphin stiker.

As most maricats flex a fair bit in the platform as well as the mast, to maintain a super tight rig is near impossible as the lee stay will always go slack when flying a hull.

I, like most people tension the rig by using the mainsheet with the mainsail up, if not too windy or by connecting the main halyard (prior to hoisting main) to boom to allow excess slack in rear sidestays when mainshett is taken up this assists to bend the mast and allows slack to make it easy to adjust.

By increasing stay tension this prebends mast and flattens drive in sail, this is handy in strong winds but is not needed most of the time....depends on crew weight and cut of the sails.


Turnbuckles are for consistent, one directional loads...they are not designed for shock loadings and consequently could fail without warning if used on stays.

The extra weight of these items is also a negative.

In summary.....Keep.It.Simple.

Reliable, light, easily matained, easy to adjust components are best.

The standard Ronstan parts as originally supplied have proved to best over all these years....see a previous post re rigging lengths etc for more guidance on part numbers etc...

"On the front use a Ronstan “RF444”, I connect this adjuster to the bow loop with a long “D” shackle Ronstan “RF622” (as I do not have the original pin and split wire retainer).

The rear/sidestays are connected to adjusters too, use Ronstan “ RF45”."

Most maricatters find these items suitable for their needs and failures are rare...



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