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On line cat racing


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Many of you may be aware of http://www.tacticat.com/

It is an online Catamaran racing simulator.

You can log on and name your own boat or sail anonymously as a guest.

There is a practice course and another separate course for practising your starts.

It displays wind strengths and shifts, and most sailing rules are observed.

All boats are identical, and the best sailors will win. A typical race will take between 5 & 10 minutes depending on the wind.

At any time you could be sailing against other sailors and or robot boats.

There are also designated regatta times, with Europe v the rest of the world.

8 boats on each team, and match racing with designated sailors.

Check it out. It's addictive.

Regards TJ

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Hi all,

I'm the administrator of www.tacticat.com

Tacticat is for all catamaran (or not) sailors to check their tactical skills and race against other sailors from all over the world.

We need sailors from Australia.

- 1st because the few that are now racing are a bit alone in the time gap users' usually enter (people from america and europe sails when you are sleeping or at work).

- 2nd. An australian team is required for next team races.

If you want to give it a try, please read the read-first instructions. There are a couple of sailing fields for beginners. Try there to get the feeling of your cat.

You are welcome.


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A lot of things have changed in Tacticat world since the 1st post of this thread:

- We do have not only cats, now you can virtual sail laser-like, skiffs and big keel boats. Each boat type enhances different tactical aspects.

- One year ago we had fleet racing alone, now we also have match-racing and team racing

- The rules engine has evolved a lot to better judge automatically what rules are at play when the boats are close

- Currents have been added

And many many other changes.

Tacticat is, still, a free tool for sailors who want to improve their tactical skills and their knowledge of rules. You are welcome any time at http://www.tacticat.com


Tacticat Admin

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1. Go to web page http://www.tacticat.com

2. Read the instructions (5 minutes)


3. Scroll down the home page till you see a table with the Sailing Fields

4. Press one of the buttons (L1, L2, L1-euro, L1-aus...) each one will make you enter a different sailing field

5. Wait to the application to download and launch (safe, no installation required and running on a sand-box).

6. When you are there: F1 for the key list (just remember the space bar, the SHIFT and ENTER keys and the arrow keys)

7. There is a button to get-a-boat.

Ask the other sailors if you have any questions (press M, enter the message and press ENTER).


tacticat admin

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