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Vang and Downhaul


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Coming from a Hobie Background and hoping to be sailing at Tanilba on a Mari 4.3 on a mid 2000 sail number within a week, I am confused about a vang and also a downhaul on pictures of a mari 4.3.

Surely the downhaul keeps the leading edge (at the mast)of the sail flat, but doesnt the main sheet give the sail its fullness.

Might seem silly but I think I must be missing something.

Any thoughts other than to say I'm dumb.


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hmmmmmmmmm, what a can of worms to open...

lets see yes the down haul will flatten the sail....in relationship with the amount of luff curve cut into the main and the amount of flex of the mast...

the mainsheet works at the other end of the sail (leech) but more in concert with batten tension and pressure - heavy weight battens transfer more pressure forward increase mast bend and flattening the sail and also standing the leach up...this is not always wanted and depends on crew weight amongst other things.

bending the mast loosens the leech allowing the top to lay off and depower the sail.

so a good combination of battens, mainsheet tension and downhaul provides a good performing foil eg look at some of "Prima Facie"'s photos from the regattas & KCC website and you will see what I mean, sure looks good with all telltails streaming..

cheers d

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