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Which cat would you buy if you never had one before?


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Hi, Im new here.

Just looking at ebay etc for a cat to replace my sailboard and I realize I dont know too much about which cat is best.

Friends I sail with (on 30ft sloop) recomend either a Windrush or a Capercat.

I like the look of Caper cat and also the Hydro cat but cant find any info about the Hydro - are there spares etc easily available for the Hydro in Australia? Website??

Should I be looking at something different?

My plan is just to sail for fun and possibly race with a local club here on the Central Coast, either way I want a boat that will not nosedive or break easily and which can be setup /sailed single handed if need be.

Really appreciate any help, thanks.

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Originally posted by richard campbell:

pp where are you going to sail on the central coast there is mannering park on saturday or toukley on sunday both clubs have mixed fleet racing the windrush is a good boat (depending on your build)or even a maricat depending on if you are sailing one up or two up also would sway which way to go seeyou on the water richard

I was just going to sail on the water, might do racing but unsure, racing is a good excuse to go sailing and helps you sail better. Will need to be able to sail single handed but would prefer having a crew.

I might see you at one of these events if/when I get a boat.

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In your price range, you should go for a Maricat 4.3. One up, two up, one sail, two sails, cruise or race. There are lots or Maris on the Central Coast for advise (Mannering Park, Toukley). While most boats are older (15 yrs) all parts are available (Brisbane Cat Centre). We have an active Class Association -- see Maricat Forum and Website- lots of healthy chat. The boats are easy to rig and sail. A $1000 boat, a new sail, some TLC and practice could see you sailing and racing with the best.

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Wow what an good response.


I did buy the Hydra cat, I will enjoy sailing it as much as maintaining it.

It does need a little maint. before it goes in the water for a test run and I will either keep it and race for fun or, sell and get the Mari cat as suggested here.

Richard, can you post more details about the Mannering Park racing and club info please?

Thanks everyone, P.P.

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