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Which cat would you buy if you weigh in at 95Kg ?


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My plan is just to sail for fun and possibly race at the local club, I would most of the time sail one-up but it would be nice to be able to ad a jib or spinnaker and sail two up now and again. Have been reading up on Taipan’s, SQ16, F18, Hobie and Nacra 17 etc but it’s difficult to find any recommended crew weights. I must say a Taipan looks very nice but I wonder if it ever would get up a move at my 95KG weight…

It would be interesting to here from heavier sailors or people who have seen what the bigger bloke’s sails.

Welcomes both recommendations and what not to go for….


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Originally posted by micky:

i would recomend a Nacra 16sq, i am 90kgs and sail competitively in all breezes, boat has good bouyancy and heaps of freeboard. Spinnaker kit can be added.

Thanks for your feedback! How do you go with two onboard (total crew weight around 150Kg) I also searched the catsailor.com forums on "crew weight + Boat type" and I found a lot of useful information.

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Two possibilities to consider are the Nacra 5.0 and the Nacra 17. Both are designed from scratch to be sailed 1 up or 2 up and as such have all the hull buoyancy you need, even if you think you are on the heavy side.

In cat configuration both perform 1 up very well and when set up with jib in sloop configuration, have all the power and buoyancy required.

The daggerboardless and boomless 5.0 is possibly a better off the beach social/occasional race boat while the 17 (5.2m long) with it's state of the art set up including square top mainsail and spinnaker option is probably a better racing/occasional social boat to own.

I have previously owned a 5.0 and currently own a spinnakered 17 which I sail 1 up at 80kgs and 2 up at 130-140 kgs. Brilliant boat!

Don't hesitate to contact the guys at Brisbane Catamaran Centre (they make Nacra and just about averything else) before you make your final decision to check out what they currently have both new and second hand for sale.

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